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On The Road, On The Web 1/20/97
Jon Barnes In The Front Seat 2002
Jon Barnes thinks he drives the only wired taxi on the planet. He's probably right. For $95 per half hour, Barnes will chauffeur you and your friends through the shimmering streets of Aspen, Colo., and upload digital photographs of your group to his Web site ( while you're still in the car. He uses a Nokia analog cell phone and Toshiba laptop to do the job. Barnes has equipped his 1978 Checker cab with enough sheer wattage to brown out a small village in order to create the "high-tech legal hallucination" that has wowed celebs like Clint Eastwood and Lee Iacocca. Barnes sings along to classic rock while a laser light show, enhanced by diffraction glasses and fog, takes you on a "journey of the senses." Says Barnes: "lee loved the sound system." Hey man, watch the road.
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