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Thanks again for your wonderful entertainment. Kids and grandma keep talking about our Ultimate Taxi Ride and it quickly became the family favorite moment of our trip to Aspen.


Thank you so much for having us, Jon. The story is perfect for Daily Planet - it's going to be lots of fun and I can't wait to put it together.

If you would be able to send me a link to that GoPro footage you took so that I can add it to the intro, that would be amazing.

Thanks again, it really was a pleasure to work with you!

Talk so you soon,

Felicia - Daily Planet, Discovery Channel Canada

Wonderful to see you and share my 48th b-day with you and the UT. You are a brilliant mad scientist.
Best, Brad

Hello Mr. Barnes,
My name is Katja Holtkoetter, I'm a producer for "Galileo", one of the highest-rated TV shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have a primetime segment on Germany's biggest network, Pro7, and reach around 3.5 million viewers every evening. Our main subject is popular science - sort of like a cross between Mythbusters and the History Channel. You can take a look at the show's website here (though it's all in German, I'm afraid).

Galileo is currently working on a show about the world's most unique and outrageous cab rides. We'll be shooting across the globe for this in the coming months, on every continent. While researching this story, your taxi caught our eye (great picture with the Pope, by the way!) - and we'd like to include a full-length segment dedicated exclusively to it.

Would you mind giving us a ride and explaining how you came to this idea? We'd love to meet you and tell the story behind the the taxi's development.

We're hoping to shoot in the first week of October (2009). But of course we can adjust our schedule to accomodate you.

Due to all of the travelling we'll be doing on this shoot, our crew will be reduced to just three people, and no special lighting equipment will be used - which means the shoot will be uncomplicated, flexible, and will keep the disruption of your daily routine to a minimum. The whole thing should take about four hours maximum. SInce you already have a lot of experience with TV crews, I suppose you know what's heading your way...

If you're interested in receiving us, or would just like some more information, please email me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your time.


I mean really how do you drive? You have to operate all of that stuff and it's in the windsheild! Please tell me!
Devin       Jon replies: Devin, very slowly and carefully, as the first crash will be on the last ride the police let me do around here.

Hi Jon,
Today I saw an episode of the Simpsons, when Homer Simpson's car was decked out much like the Ultimate Taxi. His car's interior included a turntable, a dvd player, a slushy machine, microwave oven, fog machine, laptop computer and disco lights. You have now been imortalized in cartoon television history!! Great Job Jon!!
Barb and Mark

Hello Jon,
I just saw you and your taxi on the show Ripleys Believe It or Not (2/07/06). I thought it was outstanding! Your taxi is by far the best that I have ever seen. That must be exciting to see? Anyway my husband and I are planning a trip to Aspen now just to ride in your taxi. So look for us this summer.
Richmond, VA

Hi Jon,
FHM Lithuania would like to feature the Ultimate Taxi in the February 2006 issue. Could you send me a couple high res images of the car, and maybe some of your passengers? Our deadline to receive images will be Tuesday 17 January.
By the way, one of our editors found your site on the internet, but I used to live in Aspen, and have seen you many times, though I never did get to take a ride.
Thanks for your help,
Photo Editor
FHM Lithuania

Hello Jon,
I produce a show that airs nationally in Television here in the US. The name of the show, Nitido, a half-hour weekend entertainment show on Telemundo Network would like to interview you for our franchise "CURIOSIDAD NITIDA" (Neat curiosity) segment. This segment profiles people with the "coolest" jobs, cars, animals and more. We feel the ultimate Taxi is ideal for this segment...Please let me know if you feel this is viable. We are very excited at the prospect of having The Ultimate Taxi on our show. (UPDATE: Mail recieved 12/13/05...Taping in early January}
Best regards
Producer,Telemundo Network LLC

Great taxi, we need something like that for Montreal, Quebec. I saw u on Ripleys[11/9/05] in french (ha ha) and was so curious to see more. Keep up the good work, the world needs more people with a sense of humor like u.
Take care.

Have seen you on German TV Kabel 1 it's called (2/8/05), nice Car, when I stay at Aspen in this Life or the next, will take a ride with it!
Greets and no crash

Hello Jon,
I was watching Yankee Panky on Sky One. They showed a clip of you and your famous taxi. You and the car look like you could be so much fun!! A real ride to remember. You play a good tune on your flute. We`could have a duet!!
Party On
God Bless you in all that you do!!
Miss Janese Gerret, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Jon,
I just happened to land on your website by accident.. just thought i'd email ya real quick and say hi to whoever is riding in the cab right now. You can email me back if ya want.
It's Iowa... not like i'm doing anything anyway.

Hi, Last night I saw you on TV, it was great!! You are a wonderful person, full of imagination. I live in Puerto Rico, I admire you.

Saw you and your cab on Riply's Beleive it or not in Israel(10/13/01). I still can't believe it! If I ever get to Colorado I will most definately take a ride. Thanks for making the world just a little bit happier to live in.

Just thought I would drop a quick line to tell you how amazing your experiment turned out. I think that is just the greatest. Wish someone around here thought of that. Our taxi service is crap and the cars are falling apart. Good thing I have a car.
Keep up the great job.

Hi Jon,
My son and I saw the piece on the cab on Ripley's and now he talks of nothing else. And now after seeing your web site Aidian who is six no longer wants to go to Disneyworld he wants to vacation in Aspen just so he can say he's ridden in your cab!!
Thanks George & Aidian

Just thought I would drop a quick line to tell you how amazing your experiment turned out. I think that is just the greatest. Wish someone around here thought of that. Our taxi service is crap and the cars are falling apart. Good thing I have a car.
Keep up the great job.

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Dude I just have to say what you do is just great. You Rock! Nice car!! Just another fan

i am a 17 year old girl who lives in PA i think that your taxi rocks. if we had one out here i would pay a billion dollars to go in it. i love the lights it reminds me of a big party. i would never be mad if i had to ride in it. good job.

I just caught your story on Ripleys,your idea is so very cool and very creative!I wish you tons of sucess and I hope you make the big bucks,thanks for telling us all about your fun story!
God Bless!

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Jon are incredible.....just want to say as a New Jersey cabbie you have made my year with your website......I can't believe you can drive and do all you do at the same i work for has 28 cabs now...i have been dispatching nites for a bit till i get license back....just keep doin what you spreading the word to anyone in my cab when i are definitly.....The Ultimate Taxi......hope to get to Aspen and take a ride....
Steve Frank Woodbridge Checker Taxi

Hello Jon,
I just watched the learning channel and saw your taxi. It is the coolest car ever. Being a computer geek, I think it is great that your web broadcats is great, you are truely a pioneer for web casts. Keep up the good work.
Philip Bell

What an incredible idea. Two minutes ago you were on TLC's Best Kept Secrets. I had to check it out and there you were. What a stroke of genius. You must be booked with reservations for weeks at a time. Incredible! Your now in my bookmark file. If I'm ever in Aspen ....

Alright there Jon!
I'm an Englishman who lives in Sweden. I stumbled upon your website via Earthcam and reckon that you have the single best idea in the history of ideas. Genius! You should be involved in the space program. I have a mate that hails from Boulder so maybe one day..........
You should bring it over to Sweden to liven these bloody Swedes up! Have you ever considered franchising ultimate taxi?
Take care and good luck in all you do

Hi Jon,
How's life in Aspen? Hope all's going well with you.
You've got a 2 page spread in the UK'S Top Gear magazine - looks pretty good. I'll post it out to you along with a copy of the CamTV program sometime next week. Cheers,
Dom, CamTV

Hi Jon,
I was just poking around on the Aspen web and found you, I saw the write up in DigitalFoto last month so it was a blast to actually run into you out here on the web. My wife and I are headed that way next month, so maybe we'll get a chance to hail the "Ultimate Taxi" while we are there!
Nice site, keep on having fun!
p.s. Taxi's RuLE!

Hello Jon,
I´ve found your Internet address in a German Internet Magazine this morning (6/16/00) (reporting about Webcams) and just have strolled a bit round your excellent made pages. Nice idea with the taxi:-)))
Wishing you a nice day and "happy working" and always friendly taxi guests :-)),
Franz.J. from Gelsenkichen / Germany

Well done Jon,
Great site! Read about you in the London Times.(1/2/2000) You have come a long way in four years. Hope I make as much progress in that time . Just starting to learn a little about the great new Internet world.
Yours sincerely,
Mike Ryan Dublin Ireland.
Good Luck to you in year 2000

I am now watching TV (Channel BS2) in Japan. (1/3/2000) And I saw your interesting TAXI! When I go to USA, I would like to ride in your somewhat dangerous TAXI.

this is a terrific site. I was up looking for animal cams with my son, then looked into Cam City and viola here we are!! We have had a great time here. I heard lots of oohhing and aahhing and WOWs from my son so I know he really like it.
Thanx again. Brian

Read about you in "Fast Company" this month (Nov '99 Issue) - congrats! What a great idea - Continued success -
Barbara (Long Island, NY)

Hello Jon,
Just a short note from a Cab Driver/Base Radio Operator from Melbourne Australia. Yours is the most incredible cab I've ever seen in my ten years in the industry, I'm sure your tips reflect this - Hope to visit your site again, Thanks for the experience,
David Robinson(SilverTop Taxis, Melbourne Australia) Thanx again. Brian

The Video we shot last week (10/13/99) looks fantastic! The Taxi looks great and you made the perfect producer. Everyone who has seen the footage at VH1 is a very big fan. Also, a bunch of people here (including all the big wigs) have been checking out your website and are very impressed. The video in there of the band performing was particularly great. I got a kick out of seeing the assorted photos, especially the 360 one, and the head of our entire department got a huge kick out of seeing the front page newspaper article.Thanks again for your help with everything. I'll give you some updates as things progress.
Hope you are well.
David VH1

Hi Jon,
I'm sittin in my house in Northumberland England. I have seen articles about your cab on English tv. Great idea! It looks better than the teaching I do!
Continue to have fun.

We just saw U in POLISH TV and wanted to check your page are cool...keep it coming...hope to ride with U some day !!!
Kinga & Miriam

Yo! Man!
I saw you in Polish TV (5/8/99). Coooool.
Keep going like this. Say: "Hello from Poland" to all the famous people.

Hi Jon-Just heard you on WGRL The Bear in Indy (4/30/99). Your cab sounds really cool. If I get to Aspen, I'll look you up.
Take care.

Hi Jon,
Just saw you on TV in Australia (4/30/99) so I thought I'd check out your web site. Have to admit, excellent idea.

Hey Jon,
I have been to a lot of web site in my short time on the web, but never have I ever been so informed, amused and entertained, by a web site, in that time, than I have been with yours. It seems you have a great support staff. Keep up the good work.
PS.- Oh yeah, the Taxi is nice also.
Thanks for the ride,
Steve, Albany, NY

It was very nice of you to show me and my family your ultimate taxi. I will be in touch with you when I return home from our vacation. I'm very interested in what you have done and will expalin more about my interests as it pertains to my thesis for my graduate degree. Thanks again.

Dear Jon,
We had a great ride Monday night in the Ultimate Taxi!!!!! Many thanks.

Hello from Germany,
I find your Internet Address in a German newspaper. I tested it. Very Nice. Have a nice night and no crash please. Sorry for my bad english.

Come and give me a ride in Los Angeles sometime. Bring your taxi it looks fun, fun, fun!
Cameron Diaz

You web page was the star of the show at the first keynote address at Fall Internet World 98. Congratulations!

Dear Jon!
My name is Ole Kristian. I come from Bergen in Norway. That's in Europe. This morning (Sunday, May 24) I read about your web site in Bergens Tidende (The Bergen Times). I just wanted to tell you this so that you could update your media page.
You have a cool car!!!
Sincerely Ole

Hi Jon,
I'm from Calgary Alberta and work for a startup national telecommunications company.
I heard about The Ultimate Taxi from a Sun Microsystems live satellite broadcast from Sao Paulo, Brazil this morning. The topic was "Building Telecommunications Infrastructure in Developing Countries". John Gage, Chief Scientist for Sun Microsystems mentioned Ultimate Taxi as an example of how telecommunications is changing.
Mel Stotyn, Senior Specialist Network Management

Good afternoon Jon,
We were told about your site at a Education Conference/Exhibition in Abu Dhabi yesterday so I thought I'd have a look today. It's certainly ingenious & original! Well done!
Les, United Arab Emirates

This website has inspired me to, how should I say "soup up" my rusty 87cavalier. Thank you for some inpiration that has changed the way I see my own car. Once a hunk of junk, now a creative masterpiece. Thank you taxi man.

I was listening to a computer show on radio here in Sydney, Australia.....I was surfing around the 'net and not sure where to go when the guy on the radio mentioned the Ultimate's just after 10pm Sunday 15th Feb here....but I think I've just found a cool way to spend the next hour before throwing myself into bed.
See ya, Dave

Hi Jon,
I just saw you and your Taxi on TV in Holland (2/7/98), and you got a great thing going there! We liked it a lot.Greetings from Holland

Hello Jon Barnes,
It was fun to see your Taxi in the TV show last night (1/7/98) from Aspen here in Denmark about the 24 Hour ski race.
Have a nice day/night and Good Luck for thr future.Alexander From Denmark

I´m Heino Kalis from Valencia, Spain and I´m a press photographer. I´ve just seen a photo of your home page published today(12/17) in "Expansión", Spain's leading economic newspaper, so I got into it to take a look. It´s great. As a former taxi driver in my high school years, I´ve got just one question:... How can you concentrate on driving with all those gadgets on board ?
Have a good time, Heino

I saw you and your taxi on E!(12/16) It's a great idea! I hope I can go to visit you and your city some day, meanwhile, keep cool!
Greetings from Mexico City (the biggest city in the world)

I am Surprised, because I have never seen or heard somthing like this. I am from Ecuador, South America. I saw your car on E! on TV. CONGRATULATIONS!!. I think you are not the richest person in Aspen, but I know you are the most original and smart guy there.
Keep going, Jon.

Hi Jon,
My name is Luis and I´m a taxi-driver in Buenos Aires, I work the night shift. I think your idea is relly fantastic and I would like to know you personally if one day I travel to your great country. I would like to see my message in your site to feel that I am a bit of a friend of yours.
Luis Alberto Avila

Hey man,
I just saw a news blip about your cab (CNBC 11/22). It's awesome. I needed to do a current events story for school, so you are it. I bet I have the best story, thanks, man.

Hi Jon,
Your site is really cool. Today (10/31/97) there was something about your page in the German "Bild Zeitung".
Many Greetings

G'day Jon,
I guess it's late in Colorado, but I just wanted to say that I saw you on E!'s "Laugh Your Aspen Off", and The Ultimate Taxi looks really cool! Next time I'm in Colorado (July 98), I'll stop by!
Emma, Adelaide, South Australia

Hi there Jon,
Just a quick message saying your now famous in England too! Your featured in this months (Nov 1997) issue of FOCUS Magazine.

Hello Jon,
I just read about you in the Financial Times (9/19/97) this morning. Your site is delightful and I wish you much success. Regards from the UK...

Saw you last night (7/20) on the E chanel. We don`t have anything like it down here in Bolivia. Of course, we barely have Internet. Well, just wanted to say Greetings from a country where there are more taxies than privately owned cars.

Hi Jon,
Enjoyed seeing you on the "E!" show. Certainly nothing like your "set-up" here on Maui. The mileage on your Ultimate machine is approximately 2,400 trips around our island!!!!!!
Aloha & Happy Trails

Hello Jon!!!!
Just saw a TV report (4/2) about your Ultimate Taxi in Germany, and got your URL!! So I`m just surfing round your Website!! Really awesome! I didn`t know, that Germany`s most famous talkmaster visited your taxi!!! Stay cool....
See ya... Mikey

Hi Jon...
I saw you last night (4/2) on a TV-Show...Cool idea! I like it...
Greets from Switzerland

You have the coolest Web page on the Net. And you must have the the neatest job there is. It's people such as yourself that make life interesting. It's not often that I find a Web site that makes me smile, yours did.Thanks,
Derrell in Oklahoma

I just saw the piece Skiing Magazine TV did on you and your Ultimate Taxi. I think is great! It's people like you that make this world a better place.
Say hey to any passengers in The Taxi right now from Sal in Connecticut.

Hey Jon ..
Greetings from Sunny Italy ... Love your Taxi. I am a transplanted Philadelphia girl ... Living in god forsaken Cagli ... Small, unknown town in central Italy.
Have a great day, Ciao

GREAT WEB SITE! Saw it in Newsweek the other day. We don't have too many taxis down here at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Maybe we should make The Ultimate Penguin, or The Ultimate Snowmobile! Keep it might get a visit sometime soon from your antarctic admirers! Keep cool

Just saw the Taxi on Denver news via satalite, Dropped by to say Hi, from the far North of Canada.
Phill.......Whitehorse, Yukon.

Hi, greetings from the Philippines.
I just got hooked up to the internet and am so excited to use it. I saw this web site in Newsweek. Hope you all have a good time now!!

This has got to be hands down the most intesting and unique idea (web page) I have ever seen. I look forward to coming back and seeing who's in the cab with you.

Hi Jon!
No snow here in Nairobi, but plenty of Taxis. Most of them are real junks, and to get one like yours would be a dream. Keep on rocking, cheers.

Hey Jon,
Your site is the most enjoyable on the NET !!
Venice, Italy

I´m a taxidriver from Stockholm, Sweden.
I drive for a taxicompany called "TopCab". If you ever have your way to Stockholm, be sure to call us!! *smile*I will sure call you when going to Aspen! Take care... And drive safely!
Göran Söder

Hi from a taxi driver in England UK!
It look to me as though you are a complete nut case!!(LOL)
It is obvious that the World would be a poorer place without you!
Enjoyed "visiting " you on the net.May you enjoy good health
Cheers, John

Greetings John,
My name is Gus Silber. I am a journalist and author based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I'm currently completing a book on Children and Computers, to be published by Zebra Press in South Africa later this year. Just thought I'd let you know what I have included your excellent site in a section on "Weird, Wacky, and Wonderful Things for Kids and their Parents to do on the World Wide Web". Hope to take a ride in your taxi one day!
Gus Silber

Hi Jon,
Love your page. It is probably the best I have ever seen. As for the linkup from the Taxi to the Net, awesome job. The page is definitely book-marked on my browser!
Thanks for finally putting something on the Net that is extremely cool!!
Later Jim

I am a French websurfer, and I've just discovered your website!
Your Idea is Great! Keep on making people happy,

Atlanta Georgia here. Saw you in Newsweek... Rainy and cold here....Seems like you've found a nice way to work and play in front of a worldwide audience...

My name is David James a Radio Personality for "Q-98,Superstars of the 80's and Nineties", in Fayetteville NC. I saw your article in Newsweek. I thought I would drop in on the taxi. It looks like great fun!
Happy Motoring
David James

Hello Jon,
My name is Steve and I am a researcher for the TV News Show Strange Universe. We are a nightly national news show covering a wide range of unusual, extraordinary news items. We would love to do a piece featuring you and The Ultimate Taxi. I just love what you've done with your car, I've dreamt about doing something like that to my own car. Please send me an e-mail or give me a call atStrange Universe

Hi there,
Congratulations to your coverage here in Germany's high-profile TV news magazine "Tagesthemen". Not bad!Take care.
Regards from Germany,
Chris Schluender

Five minutes ago, I saw the Ultimate Taxi on Germany's TV-News. Now I'm here on your Site and...Wow...It's great!!! I want to come to Aspen and take a ride in your Taxi!
Bye..and drive carefully :-)

Merry Christmas from Takapuna, North Shore City, Auckland, New Zealand!
I read about your taxi in our morning paper today in a column called 'Logged on' with Nigel Horrocks. It all sounds a whole lot of fun in your vehicle.
The newspaper article headline says: 'Never a dull moment with Jon'!!! ...Anyway this is awesome being able to connect with a taxi! Seasons Greetings to you all. Cheers!

Hi Jon:
Haven't ridden with you since 1990. You've certainly learned the fine art of html design/editing, great job on your web page. I was given you url as a reference from a web page design firm who listed you as their creative page of the month- congratulations!
Rob Davis

Arguing with an engineer is like wrestling in the mud with a pig. After a couple of hours you realize the pig likes it!
Pitcairn PA.

Saw you on Fox. I have seen you before with Regis and Kathie Lee.
Life's short, keep having a great time.
Love your homepage!
Best wishes, Bev

Hey Jon
You've got a cool web site going!!!! Say Hello to the attractive couple riding in the taxi now.

This is such a cool way not only to promote your cab, but the Internet as well.
Crazy man, just wild. I mean, like, just a little bit of inginuity and your living the AMERICAN DREAM!!!
You did it dude...Your awesome!

I'm Alex,
I work as a System Administrator in a ISP in Argentina. I saw you at the Discovery Channel last night and today looked at your ultimate home page. It's great !!!
God bless technology and your cybercab.

This is INSANE!!!! I love it.

My family and I rode in the taxi two days after Christmas, and I have just now accessed your website. It is great. All of us especially love the different sounds. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the experience-

I saw the ESPN Brazil report about your fantastic taxi. Great!!! I really liked it and I also liked your idea of having a home page with a lot of interesting information.Please, keep going. Next year I'm moving to Albuquerque (NM) for my PhD in Computer Science, so if I have time I certainly will go to Aspen to visit your taxi.
All the best.Take care!

I recently saw a program about your taxi cab on the Discovery Channels "Cyberlife" T.V. show. I was impressed by your creative ideas with your cab. You made a boring cab into a into a bitchin' ride into the future.

Hey Jon
I saw your taxi drive up in front of the Ritz Carlton in Aspen. Your taxi is SO cool!!!!!
When you open the door, the floor is all glowing. There is also Christmas lights on the outside. I wish I could ride in it when I get married!!! Or ride in it before I get married! Well I just wanted to talk to you! Bye. Your fan

Merry Christmas from Takapuna, North Shore City, Auckland, New Zealand!
I read about your taxi in our morning paper today in a column called 'Logged on' with Nigel Horrocks. It all sounds a whole lot of fun in your vehicle. The newspaper article headline says: 'Never a dull moment with Jon'!!! Anyway this is awesome being able to connect with a taxi!
Seasons Greetings to you all. Cheers!

Joe here at Tower Lighting.
WILD site! We'll be adding your link later today. You can add ours to your site as well!
You're nuts, man!

We are serious "Cyberlife" watchers, and until last night we have never seen ate Taxi and hope to one day take a long adventure somewhere in it...
Sincerly, RoTTz

Saw the little blurb about your home page in Computer Life, and found your site most entertaining!!!Keep up the goodwork, mankind needs more people like you!!!!

Hey Jon,
A buddy of mine and I went for a ride with you this summer. You are the greatest cabbie in the world; and I have ridden in more than a few. I just got back from NY, NY and boy do they need you. Too many many cabbies with no imagination. Anyway you gave me your card and so I thought I would drop by your site and say Hi. Look forward to seeing you next time we are in Aspen.

I caught Suzanne's segment on Fox After Breakfast this morning and I must say your vehicle is beyond words. If I ever make it out to Aspen I'll be sure to look you up. Thanks for putting Suzanne's picture on your website.
Bye, Jerry

Dear Jon,
I heard about your Ultimate Taxi on the National Public Radio today during my lunch break at work. What you've done sounds really interesting and definitely unique.
Keep up the good work!

Just a note to tell you again how much I enjoyed meeting your fantastic Taxi-dream. Lots of creative stuff at work within your head. I look forward to my first ride. I hoping to visit you in the chat room on Saturday evening.

Thanks thanks thanks thanks.... I'm impressed..!!
Wholly NETGODS!! Cab-man!!! What a trip.... talk about flashbacks... I'm tripping.. I had to take off the 3d glasses to write this... but talk about tripping... those magic tricks are cool cool cool .... Hey seriously... If there is ever anything I can do... let me know..
Brother Jon I just can't thank you enough....
Bob K.

Hi Jon!
Your absolute cool site (that's my personal opinion!) was one of four sites of the week in the Austrian media magazine "TV-MEDIA" in week 35 of 1996 (960828)!
I think you should notice a increase of Austrian surfers on your hits list!
Good luck

Jon -
This is truly one of the most unique sites I have seen! You have managed to create a real atmosphere here. Thanks for making me smile! My mission is to make connection with as many positive, motivated and HAPPY people as possible....I'm one person closer to my goal, thanks to you. (If you're not a happy person, you are the greatest actor I've heard about.)
Much success to you!

Too Cool !!!
I thought I was a bit eccentric, but you have it all together. I do neon, so if you're ever in OKLA look me up.
John III

What a uniquely grotesque display of American enginuity, capitalism and technology. ---> We love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's happenin'?
This is Bryan, I live in Texas. I watched you on Fox After Breakfast, on Thursday morning. I was very impressed with all of the components & decorative items that you fit into that taxi cab. But, I was mostly impressed by your answer of the question about how much you have made & has the taxi paid for itself. You just said that you were just trying to entertain people and who cares if it pays for itself or not. It was just refreshing to hear about someone that had got a little bit of fame, didn't let it go to their heads.

Heard you on WDCB in Chicago (90.9)! I connected to your page and it's pretty neat! You seem to know your s**t! Your pictures downloaded FAST!
Did you ever get Doc Eason in your car.(YOU BET!) He's the barroom magician at The Tower...John Denver's place!

I received my glasses today, thank you very much, and couldn't wait until it got dark to try them out. Now your site is an even bigger blast!! I love the picture you sent as well, I've put it up here in my office. You're a trippy guy! I want to buy a ticket to Aspen just to take a ride in your taxi!
Thanks Again-

To cool dude! I'm enjoying the ride, and thought I'd drop a line! I am impressed by your imagination and electronic abilities, if you're ever in PA, stop by and give us a REAL ride!

What a terrific idea.
I am constantly amazed at all the great things people come up with.....and your taxi sounds just like something that could be parked in my living room...Thanks for a bright spot in an otherwise lousy day.....I hopefully will have an opportunity to experience this pleasure in person.
Best to you and yours....and tell the next famous person Hi for me.

Hey, here's 20 bucks for the fare. It was a great ride!
You know how hard it is to find a cab at this time of day, in this part of the world?????
Have A Great Day
New Zealand

Saw the article in People today, and just wanted to say, what a creative and fun guy You are!!

Hi Jon,
My name is Jess and I heard you today (7/18) on WPLJ Radio in New York with Rocky Allen....your taxi sounds like a great ride and I am enjoying your web page as well....I hope I make it to Aspen sometime to catch a ride with you....I'll be checking your web page to see what new things you come up with......
Take care.

I have to say this is the coolest idea since ??? {you plug it in}.
I saw your taxi in Cyberlife television magazine and was really impressed with your ingenuity. I hope you are making a decent living for yourself! Next time I'm in Aspen, I will definitely hail you down.

Hi Jon......Your sight has inspired me.......... to make my fantasy a reality........A WEB SITE ON A HORSE!!!!!!! .....IMAGINE IT...... The worlds first biological platform........then whales........ then , like who KNOWS where it will all end......
Great page......Great taxi........
Lee in North Dakota........

Saw you on TV and was totally impressed with your originality! Who says American Ingenuity is "exhausted"! It's obviously rolling along with you in the driver's seat. Honk if you're having fun!
Best wishes from Trekkest in Riverside CA

I read about your site in People mag.. I LOVE IT!!! lots of fun...
I also love Aspen. We come there every year during Mardi Gras to get away from the craziness in Louisiana. I will find you this year(next year, really) when we come. You can show us some obscure sites we might not have seen. (unless we are too busy looking at the inside of your taxi??)

Dear Ultimate Taxi!
You have a real neat setup; all daily commuting should be so creative! Keep up the good work! Don't beam me up; beam me around.

Mr Ultimate Taxi. You are my hero. My mentor. My role model. You have found a way to get yourself in the spotlight. I saw your piece in People magazine last night, so I looked you up when I got to work this morning. People did an ok clip on you, but it should have been bigger.
Keep up the good work.

You have a terrific web site! Very fine example of what's possible in web site design. You are to be commended.

Just finished reading the great story about you in People mag. Checking out your web site I agree it is one of the best I have ever seen !
Keep up the great work and drive safely.

The Kansas City Star gave you more coverage on Saturday, June 15,'96 than Hillary. What a Web Site. Nothing like it on the Net. Who designed this presentation ? And how many " hits " since all this publicity. Last count shows a jump from 300 to 7000 something. Yes -where's the snack bar? Have Kosher Hot Dogs -will travel. Keep up the clever presentations and cab rides. Kansas City Joe

Hey!!! Enjoy the ride!!! People like you make this world a great place to hang out on!!! Keep the pedal to the metal!! Kathy

Slow down, take me up town, watch the bumps, hey are you looking at us, keep your eyes on the road, thanks for the lift, here's your tip...
Bye Bye, Linda

Hey Jon,
Got the glasses!!! Thank you!!! There great!!
Any Cool Celebs in the Taxi lately? (Besides you of course) Have fun!!!
Kathy and Jef

I saw this article in the Kansas City Star today about your website....they were is cool!
Great idea, Darold

My wife and I saw this in the Kansas City Star today. Really neat! You have sent my brain reeling and giving me ideas for an entertaining web site. We are planning a ski trip this fall. Do you take reservations? if in Kansas City you can stay at our place and hopfully we can ride in your car and show you the city.
Craig and Denise

A taxi hooked up to the net. Who would have ever thought? Well, apparently, you. :) This is an exponentially cool page... one of the sort that make me want to grab my Web page and go curl up under a rock in the fetal position.

First, congratulations on the TV apperance, and the mention on CNNSecond. The web site is interesting and fun. Keep it up.Good luck, and drive carefully...

We visited your cab a few years back (before the internet hookup) and just can't believe that you wired the thing. We vacation in Aspen about every 2 years and will look you up next time around. Keep up the cool site...we enjoy it.
gary & vicki

Saw the piece they did on you on Cyberlife. Looks like you truly are one of a kind. Hope you continued success.....

I am a taxi driver in Sydney , Australia and have driven luxury taxis here, but nothing comes close to the taxi you have created. Well done..

I love it. I just love it! I have given your website address to all my friends and keeps staring at it myself, again and again and again... Keep up the good work, take care out there and - if you want - drop me a line when convenient!

Hello John...

Just saw your car and service on a TV spot... Glad to see that I am not the only totally uncontrolled "build it, it'll be cool" geek out there.......
I have a glue gun, need some help?

I Just saw you on "CyberLife" and I have to say that The Ultimate Taxi is the most original thing I've seen in a long time.

Keep up the good work, and thanks for proving that when the going gets weird, The weird turn Pro....

Dear Taxi Guy,
I saw your blurb on Cyberlife and checked out your site. Hello to whomever is in your cab.
I have some Ren & Stimpy 3D glasses that make your site look great.

I just saw you're segment on Cyberlife on the Discovery network. Absolutely the coolest thing on the highway and I-way! At the end, you appeared to pull the laser off the ceiling and then put it back, how is this done?

Hi. I saw you and your taxi on Cyberlife today. I think it's great! I wish I could go to Colorado just to take the magical trip. You're a pretty cool guy.
Good luck w/ future enhancements,

I just saw this cab on TV (Discovery Channel) and had to check it out. It's hard to believe my eyes.

My name is Wayne and I work at a body shop in Gulfport Mississippi and I must say your interior beats our exterior work any day. Keep putting those gadgets in!!!

Hey what a cool car. How much did you spend on it?
You da Bomb.

It was great fun seeing you on CNN. The next time I am in Aspen I will definately go for a ride.

Whoaaa, Psycodellic and funny-crazy idea!!!

Just saw a spot about you and your car on CyberLife on the Discovery Channel. Very nice. Maybe I'll try Aspen instead of Breckenridge next time.

I rate your Idea as Six (6) Smiles- :) :) :) :) :) :)....Very Good Idea.
Your Web page is done very well...Keep up the good work, now you have to figure out how to make money off the Web Page and just maybe you might be like the kids who setup the YAHOO idea. Thanks for reading my notes, I just liked your Idea, and it is refreshing to see there are bigger and better things coming in Entertainment.
Keep me posted on your wonderful Ultimate cab..I'm Impressed.

I just wanted to let you know that I like your page. I only wish that you will bring the taxi to Central IL someday.

How did you get the idea for the Cab? I think its cool as hell and I've only seen it on TV and the web page.

I saw the clip on Cyber Life, as I'm sure everyone else who has e-mailed you had, and I was blown away. Being a musician and computer geek, I have a great appreciation for your creation.

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