Winter Fireworks Over Aspen Mountain
Climb Aboard With Jon Barnes
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Exterior Of The 1978 Checker Taxi

"Are you really a taxi driver?" one onlooker asks, peering inside the cab?
  "No," Barnes says. "I'm kind of a musical-theater-nightclub laser-show-rock concert."... On the Internet.
  Barnes has long been attracting attention with his wild ride through Aspen. The Ultimate Taxi has hosted a wide array of glitterati, including Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood and Jerry Seinfeld. Politicians from Bob Dole to Bill Bradley have found common ground in the cab's back seat.   And he has attracted worldwide media attention, from Newsweek to to the New Zealand Herald.
  The music station VH1 has featured the Ultimate Taxi as the world's smallest recording studio. Now, Barnes wants to be the world's smallest TV studio, too.

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