The Ultimate Taxi In 24 Hours In Cyberspace 1996

It's 2 a.m. in Aspen, and somewhere among the mirrored disco ball, the laser lights, the keyboard, and the speakers blasting music, cabbie Jonathan Barnes manages to find the steering wheel of his multitasking hack. In his Ultimate Taxi, Barnes does a full song-and-dance performance while driving his clients around the streets of Aspen. 
But there's more to this yellow taxi than a rolling discotheque. Amid all the lights and musical instruments filling the front of the cab is a laptop computer, which is hooked to the Web via a cellular modem.  Harvie Branscomb takes a ride in Jonathan Barnes' Ultimate Texi, a hack in which you can surf the Web while you cruise the streets. (Photograph by David Hiser)
While other cabbies play chess to entertain themselves between rides, Barnes tinkers with his techno-cab and plans for the future. Soon anyone in the world will be able to dial up Barnes' URL and get the current view inside and outside the cab. How? Barnes and his technical-wizard pal, Harvie Branscomb (working out of the Sun Microsystems facility in Aspen), are connecting a camera to the laptop.

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