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Jon Barnes Performs In The Ultimate Taxi

  Sound far-fetched? Welcome to Jon Barnes' world, where what seemed impossible a week ago will be uploaded from his dashboard laptop to the Internet next week.
  These days, Barnes has Sun Microsystems to thank for making the impossible possible, and local computer researcher Harvie Branscomb.
  About three years ago, Barnes relied on a cell phone to transmit photos from the cab to the Web. Passengers got a single photo of themselves preserved on the Internet in digital perpetuity.
  Then Branscomb hopped into the driver's seat and added a new toy to Barnes' collection. The radio transmitter connected the taxi to an experimental wireless Internet network run in Aspen by Sun.
  Barnes could toss out the cell phone and connect directly into the computer network at Sun's Aspen lab, which now acts as his Internet service provider.
  After adding some new hardware and software, Barnes was able to revamp his high-tech cab and transmit images every 10 seconds. Visitors paying the $150 can share their half-hour cruise through Aspen with family and friends around the world.

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